Werewolf Uprisings

What really happened on May 17th, 2002 is a mystery. In fact, most of the events of the Uprisings have been lost in the intervening century since then. The version in the history books, of course, is that a pack of werewolf terrorists in the southern United States began without warning to attack and infect as many people as they could. As verto lupum spread like wildfire across North America, copycat groups around the world began doing the same. Berserk, newly-turned wolves inadvertently infected or killed their whole families, sometimes even whole neighborhoods. The American government had begun stockpiling silver bullets since the discovery of verto lupum in the 70s, but there was no way to get them in time to all the law enforcement agencies that needed them. Even the national guard was outnumbered by the time they were called in. Amidst the chaos, towns were razed to the ground, cities burned and toppled, power and communication grids went down, and economies and governments collapsed. There was no hope for ending the panic.

General George W. Casey is credited with turning the tide. Taking advantage of the disorganised nature of the millions of new werewolves, he began systematically sweeping for wolves, starting in the remains of Washington, DC and slowly expanding the perimeter. The army shot anyone even rumoured to be infected, and gave guns to the survivors, commanding them to help. As word spread about these hardline tactics, small militias from relatively uninfected areas began to adopt them. In China, one of the hardest-hit areas due to its dense urban centres, the systematic eradication of werewolves was especially efficient. Heavily-infected areas were frequently written-off and simply bombed with nuclear warheads from submarines off the coasts, turning many formerly-dense population centres into blasted, barren wastes. Over the next seven years, humans gradually won back the globe from wolves, until Christmas Eve, 2009, when Casey, now President of the United Americas, declared verto lupum to have been eliminated, the last werewolf wiped out. In 2002, the global population had been approaching 7 billion. In 2009, estimates place the figure at 2.5 billion.

Humans remember it as a war of survival, the most desperate victory in history.

Werewolves remember it as the most brutal, bloody genocide the world has ever seen.

Werewolf Uprisings

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