Character Creation

Characters should start with a pool of 75 character points to buy attributes, advantages, and skills. On top of that, you may take up to 100 points worth of disadvantages to gain that many more character points. Being a werewolf will eat up these points fast, so be economical with your human forms. Numbers in {curly braces} represent the point cost for each thing.

All characters should take the following werewolf package: Secret (Being a Werewolf) {-30}, Shapeshifting (Alternate Form: Wolf; Costs 2 FP; Uncontrollable Trigger (Occasional moon phase, no Will roll)) {100}, and Werewolf Scent (ability that lets werewolves smell each other in human form) {0}.

Wolf Form:

ST +4 {40}, HT +4 {40}, Per +2 {10}

Advantages: Acute Hearing +2 {4}, Acute Taste and Smell +2 {4}, Claws (Sharp Claws) {5}, Discriminatory Smell {15}, Enhanced Move (Ground) {20}, Night Vision +5 {5}, Supernatural Durability (Vulnerable: Silver) {150}, Teeth (Sharp Teeth) {1}, Temperature Tolerance +3 {3}

Disadvantages: Bad Grip -4 {-10}, Cannot Speak {-15}, Colourblindness {-10}, Disturbing Voice {-10}, Frightens Animals {-10}, Increased Consumption 1 {-10}, Infectious Attack {-5}, Monstrous {-20}, Restricted Diet (Raw Meat) {-10}, Revulsion (Silver) {-5}, Semi-Upright {-5}, Vulnerability (Silver) {-40}.

Character Creation

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